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Student Coaches

Elena Thumann, ’20

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • Major: Finance, Accounting
  • “As an international student, I understand what it takes to be in a new city, country, and culture away from your family. I want to share that experience, help the new upcoming freshman students in their new journey and become a new friend to them.”
  • “What I like best about PC is being able to walk around its beautiful campus, exercising at Peterson Center and eating chicken nuggets on Thursdays.”


Trang Vu

Photo of Trung Vu, international student

  • Class of 2021
  • Major: Finance
  • Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • “I choose to be a student coach because I want to help students to relieve the transition of moving to a new country through the experience that I had during one year here.”
  • “The thing that I like best about Providence College is the student service. Every staff or faculty here is willing to help whatever you need to overcome the difficulty in college life.”


Huong (Helen) Nguyen

Photo of Huong Nguyen, international student

  • Year: Class of 2020
  • Major: Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Home town: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Why I chose to be a student coach: “I will never forget the feeling of loneliness and homesickness the first time I came to the USA. It was when I met my international coaches and found my family here. Becoming a student coach, I want to help other international students like me adapt into PC life as soon as possible. I want to be friends and be a lovely family with them.”
  • What I like best about Providence College: “Providence College Dance Club Shows”


Giang (Jean) Nguyen-Hoang

Photo of Giang Nguyen-Hoang, International Student

  • Year: Class of 2020
  • Major: Finance and Math
  • Why I want to be a coach: “When I was a freshman, I received a great help from my international coaches, who later became my friends until now. So now, I want to do the same thing to help new students!”
  • What I like most about PC: “Providence College in the spring is full of flowers. In addition, every sunset is an amazing view you should not miss.”

Ani Samkharadze

Photo of Ani Samkharadze, international student

  • Year: Class of 2020
  • Major: Finance & Management double major
  • Home Town: Tbilisi, Georgia (Country)
  • “Being the only Georgian at PC, I know what it feels like to be an only representative of a certain cultural/ethnic group on campus. I decided to be an international student coach because I want to help all the incoming students to easily adjust to a new lifestyle as a student in a foreign country.”
  • “The best thing about Providence College is its tight community. All my friends who visit me are surprised by how many people I know and how everybody knows each other. Providence College is a great place to find a new home away from home, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories.”

Jorge Montinola

Photo of Jorge Montinola, International Student

  • Year: Class of 2021.
  • Major: is Psychology
  • Hometown: Manila, Philippines. (Or Makati city because Manila can be considered as a region).
  • “I chose to be a student coach because I wanted replicate the experience I had with my international orientation to other people. I had an amazing time and it really helped me out. This program made me feel like I belonged. It made sure that I always had friends to turn to even before the freshman orientation started. Even now, I still have friends from this program. I am excited to help out even more incoming international freshmen.”
  • “One of my favorite things about PC is really just the people. I think everyone would be surprised at how nice people can be here. Even with me coming from a different country, people have been kind and understanding to me. I believe that I have made genuine friends here and I am forever grateful for that.”