Student Coaches

Dionis Moisés Eugenio Torres, ’20

Dionis Moisés Eugenio Torres, '20

Santo Domingo de Guzmán, República Dominicana

  • Major: Political Science, Spanish
  • “I chose to be a student coach because I want to create a pleasant, educational, and meaningful transition for every single student migrating to the United States.”
  • “What I like the best about Providence College is that it can become a place where anyone could belong. It might be difficult to feel part of the community at the beginning, but becoming involved on campus allows students to make of Providence College a new home.”

Elena Thumann, ’20

Elena Thumann, '20

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • Major: Finance, Accounting
  • “As an international student, I understand what it takes to be in a new city, country, and culture away from your family. I want to share that experience, help the new upcoming freshman students in their new journey and become a new friend to them.”
  • “What I like best about PC is being able to walk around its beautiful campus, exercising at Peterson Center and eating chicken nuggets on Thursdays.”

Ricardo Miguel Saca Hernandez, ’20

Ricardo Miguel Saca Hernandez, '20

San Salvador, El Salvador 

  • Major: Management
  • “Why I chose to be a student coach? To help those that will experience the same change of lifestyle as I once did, adapt in the best way possible. Also to give back to those that once helped me.”
  • “What I like best about PC? The people, how approachable and willing to help most people are.”

Truc (Tess) Bui, ’18

Truc (Tess) Bui, '18

Bankok, Thailand

  • Major: Accounting
  • “I would like to help international students transition to college life more easily and be another resource available to them.”
  • “What I like best about PC: Definitely the people here in PC. I’ve made so many precious friends here.”

Aura Rexach, ’20

Front of Harkins Hall building

San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • “I chose to be a student coach because I want the incoming students to experience the great welcome that Providence College students and staff gave me last year. I want them to be able to assimilate with ease, just as I was able to adapt with the help of the student coaches that I had. Being from another country (or US territory), I know how hard it may be to come into a totally different from what you have been used to your whole life; different not only in culture, but in weather, language, commodity, comfort, etc.”
  • “One of my favorite things about Providence College is the environment. There is always something to do: from studying, to relaxing in Slavin Lawn, to chilling at the library, to sharing with the great people that you meet along the way, to meeting people in the different activities the college itself offers, to going to mass at 10:30PM and singing along to the choir. “