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International Graduate Student Information

Applying for Admission to a Providence College Graduate Program

Students applying for admission to a graduate program at Providence College must follow the steps below:

  1. Apply for academic admission and ensure you meet the minimum requirements by visiting your academic department’s home page: Business Administration, Education, History, Mathematics, or Theology.
  2. Complete the International Graduate Student Supplement Packet.
  3. Complete all additional required documentation listed on the supplement form, including the  PC C. of Finances Graduate Level.pdf form.
  4. Submit all documents, including a copy of your letter of academic admission, to  Electronic copies are sufficient for I-20 issuance, but originals must be submitted upon arrival to the United States.

Please note that all documentation must be received at least three (3) months prior to your anticipated matriculation date.  Late submission of documents may delay your enrollment at Providence College.

The I-20 will not be issued until ALL documentation has been received.

It is strongly recommended that international graduate students coming to Providence College from their home country begin their studies during the summer or fall term.  Winters in Rhode Island can be extreme, with heavy snow and very cold temperatures.  This makes it more difficult to find housing and adjust to your new life in the United States.

Housing in Providence

At this time Providence College is unable to provide housing for graduate students or assistance in locating housing.  If you are new to the area and need to find housing, we recommend checking out the Providence College Off-Campus Living website.

Additional websites frequently used by students to find housing are:


Disclaimer: Providence College makes no endorsement of rental property or landlords.

Providence College is located in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Providence.  Many students choose to live in this area because it is within walking distance to the college.  However, the college can also be accessed by the local RIPTA bus system from other neighborhoods and cities.  The #55 line has a stop on-campus.

***An important note about renting an apartment in the State of Rhode Island:  Apartment rentals are typically unfurnished (furniture not provided). If you prefer a furnished apartment, you must be very clear in your inquiries and look for advertisements that specifically state that an apartment is “furnished.”  If the advertisement says nothing it is most likely unfurnished.

Be aware of your rights! Most landlords are honest, but there are some who may try to take advantage of international students.  You can find more information on Rhode Island tenant rights on the HUD website.

Health Insurance

As you may already know, healthcare in the United States is very expensive! All international students are required to have adequate health insurance for the duration of their studies. Providence College has identified three primary insurance plan options. You only need to choose one plan.

OPTION 1:Providence College Student Health Insurance Plan
To enroll in the Providence College student health insurance plan, you must first make your payment in full to the Office of the Bursar (visit Harkins Hall 400, call (401) 865-2284, or email Then, Providence College will enroll you in the insurance plan for the year. Please note: ONLY undergraduate international students are automatically enrolled in the plan.

OPTION 2:iNext Insurance Plan for International Students

OPTION 3:ISO Plan for International Students

You will be expected to submit a copy of your health insurance enrollment receipt and insurance card to the Assistant Dean of International Studies in Harkins Hall 215 within one week of arrival in the U.S. These documents will demonstrate proof of insurance coverage.

Please Note: Health insurance plans are only valid for up to one year. You will need to enroll in a health insurance plan again the following year if you will be continuing your studies.


Providence is conveniently located approximately 45 minutes south of Boston, and 3 hours north of New York City.  The city is served by TF Green airport (20 minutes driving distance from PC), a train station with both Amtrak and regional service to Boston, New York City, and Washington, DC (10 minutes drive to PC), and several bus stations with service all over the east coast.


Adjusting to American foods can be one of the most difficult adjustments for students. There is no meal plan available for graduate students, so you will be responsible for doing your own grocery shopping and cooking.  There are a variety of supermarkets in Providence, such as Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, and Shaw’s.  Unfortunately, there are no supermarkets within walking distance to Providence College, so if you choose to live close to the college please keep that in mind.  The closest is the Shaw’s Supermarket in North Providence, located at 15 Smithfield Road.

Immigration & Visa Matters

Our international graduate students study on an F-1 student visa sponsored by Providence College.  It is very important that you maintain your status for the duration of your studies.  Failure to maintain your status will result in the loss of your F-1 student status and immediate departure from the United States.


It is extremely important that you speak with the Center for International Studies about the employment benefits for F-1 students before engaging in any work or internships, paid or unpaid, off-campus.  F-1 students are permitted to work on campus up to 20 hours/week as a benefit of their status.  Off- campus employment is prohibited during the first year.  Internships and other volunteer positions require special permission.  Please speak with the Assistant Dean of International Studies for more information on the regulations pertaining to your status.

Money & Finances

Graduate students are required to pay their semester tuition fees at the time of course registration.  More information about these fees can be found on the Bursar’s Office website.  Graduate Assistantships (GA) are frequently sought after, but can be competitive.  Graduate students are not guaranteed a GA position and must be able to prove they are able to pay for their degree without this assistance.  It is very rare for students to secure a GA position in their first year of study.  Open positions and application instructions can be found on the Human Resources website.